A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Tools or Platforms for Shopify Email Marketing

Are you tired of searching for the best email marketing tools? Well let me tell you that email marketing continues to drive engagement & sales for any business. This is where you can send abandoned cart emails, sales promos and get undivided attention of your audience.

The popularity of email marketing for eCommerce is also evident from the fact that there are so many email marketing services catering to people who have stores on Shopify or any other website.

So, we will go into the details of the best tools for Shopify email marketing.

How To Choosing the Right Email Marketing Tool for your Shopify Store

Email marketing helps in getting better conversions and thereby, helps businesses to generate higher revenues. For businesses to experience traffic growth and to generate increased revenues, they need to optimize the marketing process.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool to drive traffic and get better conversions.

Having chosen the tools for email marketing, you need to optimize this process by checking few basic features.

Marketing automation tools are not just used by the businesses but also the large marketing platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Most of the tasks that marketers carry are as follows:




Email marketing campaign tools can make the entire marketing process smarter, automated and reactive to your customers.

Best Email Marketing Softwares for your Shopify Store

From many options available to cater your Shopify email marketing needs we have shortlisted some of them. Check them out below:


With multiple templates and features like form-based email creation, Newsletter Manager, social sharing buttons and more, it makes the entire process automated. With Omnisend, you will be able to create and send auto-responders, CRM and newsletter capture forms.

Automated templates help in creation and sending of email campaigns which can increase the engagement of your users.

Omnisend is used by more than 3,500,000 businesses worldwide and helps professionals send retargeted-social-coupon emails every day to their leads throughout the year and weekly during the holidays.


With Drip, you are given the complete email marketing toolset to optimize your campaigns, support for branded and unbranded templates, email automation and smart data selectors.

It is capable of handling data from both email marketing and direct marketing tools like Constant Contact, Salesforce, MailChimp and others.

With Drip, you can create personal contacts and send personalized and targeted messages. It also auto-creates forms which can increase the trust factor of users.

With multiple integrations, such as Salesforce, you can create branded email templates and have them up and running in few minutes.


Mailerlite is a tool you use for sending files to users from any email or URL. It works with any domain and supports highly customizable designs.

You can choose from various layouts and designs for your emails and send klout scores, links, text, images and much more.

With Mailerlite, you can create messages that get delivered to blasts, ping-lists, social media profiles and many more. It has built-in Calendar and Feed scheduling features as well.


Klaviyo helps to simplify the process of email marketing and is a highly flexible tool. The email templates can be customized as per the needs of the customers.

You can create and send email campaigns on the go. With Klaviyo, you can send personalized emails to your customers whenever you want.

It also has a feature that helps the users to create an email list of contacts which can be used for later communications.

It makes it easy for you to automate your emails. You don’t need to create every email manually but can have them as auto-responders day in and day out.


SendinBlue is one of the best email tools on the market. It has both cloud-based and client-based solutions.

The client-based solution allows easy preview of your emails and updating of your email templates.

It also has complete integrations with CMSes, accounting systems and online marketing platforms. You can connect it to an email marketing platform like Mailerlite or Klaviyo.

SendinBlue is open source and works with any domain. Its open source makes it a useful tool for anyone with a Shopify store. It has a lot of features and is well-maintained so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on every bug fix.

What Features to Look for?

When choosing the tools for Shopify email marketing, you need to have the following features in the tools:

Email editor:

Email editor helps you in creating beautiful emails with shapes & fonts.

It gives you complete control over emails and allows you to test and customize it to your liking. You can easily edit the templates and create the emails that look unique in just a few simple clicks.

Using email editor, the marketers can add different buttons to the emails and thereby, offer them to the users.


Email marketing reports give you an overview of your campaign activity. They show the number of recipients, email bandwidth and many more.

Reports can give you an idea of the handling of the emails and which pitches or templates work the best.


Tracking feature helps you in seeing how your emails are received and distributed by the users.

It can be highly beneficial for you while designing the emails and helps you learn the best marketing strategies to use.

Forms integration:

The integration of forms with email marketing makes it easier and less time-consuming to capture the information of the users.

Forms automatically copy the user information without the hassle of forms.

Some of the best forms are like Who is the sender, Xmas greeting, the customer’s name. Using these forms, the marketers can make the emails more personalized and relevant.

User engagement tools:

It helps in understanding how the users respond to your emails. It enables you to create more responsive emails.

Using this tool, you can study and track the user activity and design highly-customizable follow-ups.

You can also track the exact location of the users. Using the geo-location feature, you can target the users.

Automated campaigns:

Now you can automate some of the emails that come along with the sign-up, email subscription, list confirmation and many more.

The automated email campaigns lead to more engaged users and helps increase the conversion rate.

It can be a great tool to increase the email response rates.

How to Customize your Shopify Email Marketing Campaign?

Once you have installed the software, check out the different mail templates to customize your emails.

Use different images with different colors and replace the basic text with your message. You can make the design highly personalized with this and give it a unique look.

You can also use the different types of button such as ‘like’, ‘follow’ and ‘share’ buttons. These will help you in increasing the engagement rate.

You can also make use of the footer text such as ‘follow us’ which will prompt the users to follow your social media accounts.

Use a call-to-action (CTA). An option on the bottom-right corner is a good idea to test the awareness about the new email campaign, using a CTA at the bottom to prompt the users to subscribe to your email list.

If you have a Shopify store, you may want to integrate it with your email marketing campaign. It will help the users to subscribe.

If it’s monthly email newsletter, just subscribe with a single click; it will help you have a successful and engaged mailing list.

How to ensure the success of the email marketing?

Making a big mistake while creating the email marketing campaigns is very costly. The email marketing knowledge is definitely important for every entrepreneur and small business.

It is said that if you use the most efficient and impulsive marketing plan, you will have an account of success.

Actually, the email marketing is not different from anything else in the world.

It’s a communication medium that involves the message and content.

The content of the email must be unique and it can be personalized according to the needs of the customer.

The email marketing must be used by the marketers to increase the user engagement and boost conversions. It’s a tedious process and time-consuming.

A good email marketing software will help you in the process easier and save your time.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds of email marketing tools for Shopify out there, but just a few are worth the investment. There are plenty of email marketing tools, and you can use any of them. But you need to check out the features of a particular tool before making the decision.

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