A Complete Guide to Getting Invisalign Braces Treatment in Singapore

Invisalign braces

Invisalign aligners are clear aligners customized to your unique tooth shape. These braces are simple and easy to use and can be inserted and removed easily. That’s why they’re extremely popular in Singapore. Following are some tips you may consider while getting your right kind of treatment from Invisalign

1.     How to Get Invisalign in Singapore

A popular trend in shopping is online shopping, but purchasing Invisalign online may not be the best idea. Since, no one shape suits everyone’s teeth, and no two individuals are the exact same, no aligners can fit alike. So, never believe when the company claims to be able to fit everyone. Invisalign can never be a fit for all. Most people are lured in by their low price as compared to an orthodontic but it will be a waste of money and wearing the wrong type of Invisalign may even worsen the problem.

2.     Orthodontic 3D X-Ray

A good orthodontist will always perform a 3D x-ray of your mouth, which is not a fancy thing to make extra money but a crucial part of understanding your teeth in depth. Like a CT scan, your dentist takes 3D images of your teeth, and then creates a set of aligners that precisely fit your teeth. Although it may appear expensive, if you see it in the bigger picture, it will be a better alternative than relying on non-effective long procedures which is a waste of both your time and money. Even if you pay in small amounts, your money often goes to waste.

3.     Poor Quality or Broken Invisalign

If your Invisalign aligners don’t sit properly and seamlessly on your teeth, then they are the wrong shape or type of Invisalign. Furthermore, even though high-quality aligners are less likely to break, if they do break or you see even a small crack, it’s advisable to see an orthodontic immediately because they will stop working if any damage occurs.

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