How do I do SEO on Fiverr

Are you looking for ways to improve the ranking of your Fiverr Gigs? There are a numerous proven ways to do it. Follow tips below will help your business grow by optimizing your Fiverr SEO Gigs and win more orders. 

Get an extraordinary URL for your Fiverr Gig 

All you need is an eye- catching Gig which is used as the URL. The URL must provide the services you offer and it should be memorable. Only then it will give a hard time to the competitor and will rank you better on the first page.

Gig Title Version 1: I will best version gig title ever! URL: username/best-model gig-title 

The above URL is a perfect example of SEO-optimized URL that illustrates the service that you offer. However this is not buyer friendly as there are grammatical errors in it.

Choose a title that is buyer friendly

After finalizing the URL choose a title that attracts buyers. Check out the examples below:

Gig Title Version 2: I will craft a very unique Gig title for you.


Putting keywords in your Gig title, tags and description gives you a competitive advantage on Fiverr and improve your position in Fiverr search rankings. Including words or phrases in the username that explains your skill set is very attractive for potential buyers.

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