Earn Money by HubSpot Affiliate Program: Make $1000 Per Referral

Are you looking for complete details on HubSpot and its affiliate program? Well, you have come to the right place. HubSpot is the best choice if you have content to be monetized, have a large SMB audience, and are in love with HubSpot products. It gives you a chance to make money from your content and help the SMB community grow. You can earn up to $1000 in commissions just by being a HubSpot affiliate.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is now home to around 95,000 customers. With one stack of tools, businesses can now engage, attract and excite customers through HubSpot products and services. The HubSpot products include:

HubSpot CRM: A free tool that helps organizations arrange, track, and support their leads and clients.

Sales Hub: It allows businesses to measure and improve their sales process, make quicker-time-to-market decisions and increase their revenue.

HubSpot Marketing Hub: It helps in everything like making effective marketing campaigns to create more attraction for businesses.

HubSpot Service Hub: it is a software program that helps in the connectivity and management of customers and businesses.

You can also check out the video below to have a better understanding of HubSpot:

HubSpot Affiliate Program

HubSpot affiliate program is all about earning referral commissions by using the link provided by them in your blog posts, webinars, and emails. It gives you an opportunity to generate revenue by referrals and of course it adds value to your site and brings you audience and traffic. By joining the program revenue pours into your pockets by advertising HubSpot content and products in your blogs, social media posts, emails. So, earn some commission by embedding HubSpot links into your content, and take advantage of this offer.

What commissions can you get?

Starter/Basic: $250

Professional/CMS: $500

Enterprise: $1,000

The biggest advantage is the policy of 90-day cookie duration.

Advantages of Joining HubSpot Affiliate Program

Big commissions – Depending on the tier, you can earn up to $1000 per sale

Large Inventory – To help earn more commissions there is an inventory of videos, ads, and banners. Plus there are nearly 15,000 pieces of marketing content for your needs, available in 6 different languages.

Tools – From the affiliate portal you can track referrals, clicks, and commissions. There is also a dedicated HubSpot Affiliate Team at your disposal for helping you succeed.

Access to Updates – Being an affiliate partner, HubSpot keeps you updated about news, product updates, etc to tailor your needs and improve the affiliate program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of being a HubSpot affiliate?

Signing up with the HubSpot affiliate program is completely free without any hidden charges.  Also, there is no requirement for minimum sales to make you eligible for a commission.

Is it compulsory to be a HubSpot customer for becoming an affiliate?

No, you don’t have to be a customer to qualify for HubSpot Affiliate Program.

If you are an agency or consultant, can you join the program?

Unless you come up with a lot of content, this isn’t the correct program for you. This program is for people who use blogs, emails, and webinars to promote it. For clients that you are servicing, join HubSpot Sales Partner Program and Agency Partner Program. Under these programs, you will be connected with a HubSpot rep who will sell HubSpot products to your clients and you can benefit from it by giving your services to the client. Alternatively, if you are in content creation as well, you can use the affiliate link to promote HubSpot and earn great commissions.

Is there any limitation to the program?

There are limitations for example the customer needs to an active member for 60 days. They should not be in the process of a sale when clicking your affiliate link. In simple words, if the customer makes a purchase through your link on 1st Jan he must still be a customer by 17th March. There are no commissions on HubSpot for Entrepreneurs or Startups as they are already discounted. To learn more please do read their policies and agreement.

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