Risk vs Reward: Is this the Right Time for Marketers to be Brave?

Rather than choosing to play it safe, marketers should seize the opportunity to push forward bold ideas as businesses, hungry for growth, have a greater appetite for risk.

Over the past couple of years, much has been made of ‘brave’ marketing. Taking a stand for what you believe in. Creating a brand with a point of view and a purpose that stands up to scrutiny.

All that made sense in a pre-Covid world, but since the onset of the pandemic has the definition of bravery changed for marketers? Amid redundancy, furlough, and stalling progression, is keeping your job the number one priority over and above a brave idea? Or is now the time to seize the agenda and position yourself as an agent of growth?

It starts with being courageous within your own organization, advises leadership specialist Thomas Barta. Some marketers, he argues, have suffered since the onset of the crisis after years of being undervalued by their businesses.

“The reason 2020 was a difficult year for marketers is that many marketers internally are not seen as important, meaning the mentality was you can lay them off and it’s ok,” says Barta. “Why would anybody lay someone off who is delivering growth at a time when everything is shrinking? It’s crazy.”

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The reality is when business is flourishing it’s hard to persuade people to change, even if they are aware the good times will eventually end. Then a crisis like Covid-19 comes, creating a window for change.

“You’ve got to use that window. It’s a great time for a change if you come with substantial ideas. People will regret next year that they haven’t done it this year,” Barta argues.

SOURCE: Marketing Week

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