What You Need To Know Before Building a Career in Computer Games Industry

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The Staffordshire University of Uk has started an E-Sports Degree Program which is the first of its kind in the country. 

So what do they teach in the E-Sports Program? This course is not only designed to teach how to play computer games but also provides skills that are required to organize E-sports tournaments all across the world.

Morgan- 3rd-year student at the Staffordshire University remarks;

It’s very business-oriented, with a focus on everything from marketing, legislation and finances, to events management, strategy and content creation

Do you know? The computer games industry accounts for about 52% of spending on entertainment which means it is bigger than film, TV, and music combined.

  • Globally, more than 200 million spectators are big-time watchers of E-Sports and another 200 million who follow it for fun. 
  • E-sports jobs peaked at 87% between 2018-2019 on Hitmarker
  • The University of Roehampton is now offering E-Sports Scholarships plus it has also introduced the First Women E-Sports Scholarship in August 2020.

Karan Mehta from Octopus Ventures talks about E-Sports;

In terms of its commercial growth, e-sports is arguably where the Premier League was when it was created in 1992, and we believe there is an opportunity for 20 to 30 global e-sports brands in the world to each become multi-billion dollar businesses

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Founder and CEO of Fnatic (professional e-sports organization), Sam Mathews, says about E-Sports Degree graduates;

It depends what they do with the knowledge they have. If they do some volunteering, show they’re proactive, then like anyone that degree is good. However, the reality is we don’t hire people who are e-sports graduates at the moment, we hire people who are designers, copywriters or have specific skill sets – so I don’t think it’s as useful for e-sports teams as it is for a corporate company that wants to get up to speed on e-sports

So what does this tell you? Anyone with an e-sports degree might have a good chance of working under the marketing manager at a large corporate firm or for one of the league operators where their production skills might help but might not get hired on the sporting side.

According to Mr. Mathews;

The scouts and experienced e-sports operators are the hardest to hire, compared to a video editor or graphic designer which are relatively easy to recruit. We wouldn’t trust a graduate to come in and take our League of Legends roster or manage talent, and that’s one of the areas which we’re trying to train internally

If you think the industry has overblown then you must know that many investors have realized that although it is growing, still success is risky. As a matter of fact, the gaming industry hasn’t yet figured out where it is going. However, investors are still standing, hopeful to get a return on their investments in the long run.

I don’t think any investors came in thinking they were going to triple their money in a year. There will be some people that get burned as in any industry, but the bulk of investors are here for the long term and e-sports is here to stay


Moreover, the pandemic of 2020  has hit the gaming industry too and jobs in this sector have diminished. This is mostly because major live events have been canceled during Covid-19.

Managing Director of Hitmarker, Richard Huggan says ;

The total number of new e-sports jobs dropped to a monthly low of 396 in June and this has not really recovered since

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